Gas Design Services
  • System Software specific to gas distribution
  • Accounts and Invoicing system integration
  • Clients Billing System
  • IT Infastructure support
IEC Electronics
  • Message Display Signs for emergency situations (eg on Police Cars)
Stag Electronics
  • Software for an electronic Bat detector
Crompton Instruments
  • Electrical Generator monitoring and protection system
  • Electrical Metering system
  • Drivers for PCMCIA and Hard Disks
  • Graphical Configurator for process control applications
  • Analog/Digital I/O board software design and implementation
The Flying Hut
  • An online booking system for planes and instructors
Broadview Computers
  • A computerised management and clinical records system for veterinary practices
  • Web site development with cgi scripting and display of real time data
  • Network design and management
  • Linux software for a data logger
  • HP VEE Communication Drivers
  • Software for a routing bridge, and network routing protocol
  • Motor control software