The Flying Hut

Plane Booking System The online booking system (shown left) was designed and implented by Coastline Computer Consultancy for the Flying Hut. It allows Pilots and Student Pilots to book planes, instructors and examiners over the internet.

Since its implementation, office work at the Flying Hut has been reduced, as their clients no longer need to book via the telephone. It has also increased the number of bookings performed as people can easily see when planes are available to help them decide when to fly.

In order to book planes using this booking system, you need to be a student, or qualified pilot, and be registered with the Flying Hut. Contact The Flying Hut for more details. However if you click on the screen shot you can browse the plane availability using a demo version without being registered.

This system is available to hire by other flying organisations. A Full Description and Demo System is available.