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About me

I am a computer consultant working as a sole trader under the name of Coastline Computer Consultancy. I love problem solving and mathematics and I use these skills to develop new and innovative software, so if you have a computing problem please contact me via e-mail at . If you require more infomation about my skills you may request a CV (Word format) by filling in the request form.


When I am not working, I have a few hobbies, which stop me getting bored.
  1. Electronics

    I have had this hobby for about 30 years, and have seen a lot of changes. The experience I have with this is useful with my work, as it allows me to read and understand circuit diagrams. I still do some electronics design work through Coastline Computer Consultancy. I also love finding new uses for old technology.

  2. Mathematics

    I studied maths at university, and I have maintained my interest in the subject. Like my electronics hobby above, some maths I do for fun, and some professionally. My professional use of mathematics has gained me "Chartered mathematician" status through "The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications" (IMA).

  3. Flying

    I am a holder of a JAR PPL, which allows me to fly most single engine aeroplanes under about 5 tonnes, and registered in a JAR state (such as United Kingdom). All of my flying (and training) has been done through The Flying Hut from Shoreham Airport.

  4. Sign Language

    I have the CACDP stage 2 and NVQ3 sign language qualifications (as used by deaf people in Britain) and enjoy using sign language.

  5. Photography

    I have a small digital camera which is really easy to use, and I just love taking pictures just to remember happy times.