Xbeaver parallel printer port to microprocessor bus interface

This describes the hardware which interfaces between a PC printer port and a (reduced) version of a Z80 bus. It can be used in conjunction with either:-

  1. The pptbus board using /dev/parportN
  2. The extbus board with the the z80xbus driver downloaded as z80xbus.tgz.

The circuit has been drawn using KiCad. It is also possible, although tedious, to build the circuit using veroboard. The KiCad project maybe downloaded as Z80BusInterface.tgz.

Note one vcc/gnd decoupling capacitor for each integrated circuit - to be placed as near as possible to the power pins of the integrated circuit.

Alternativly download Z80BusInterface.pdf for the circuit diagram in pdf format. Note:KiCad does not draw the power connections vcc/gnd connections - this is a KiCad feature so remember to connect vcc & gnd to the integrated circuits.