Source code archives

The copyright of these belongs to me unless obviously otherwise or explicitly stated. These are made available for download on the basis of hobby/non-profit personal use only. Not to be re-distributed without permission.

For any other use see the contact details on the root page.

Programs mostly for geneic CP/M or easily ported to generic CP/M
Various CP/M utilites - includes source for t-net a very useful network server and redirector for cp/m that can also loaded as an rsx under vpmm with the command device ins t-net all built with the assembler included with the xbeaver software kits.
A multi format bios with build options for 80bus and alphatronic/matmos computers. Includes transfer programs between other operating systems such as MSDOS, RT11 and the TI-DX10.

Program source code specifically for the Nascom/Gemini 80bus PC
This is the source code for VPMM an extension to BDOS/CCPZ cpm system. Device drivers are included. These device drivers can also be installed under CP/M using the devload program in utilities_src. See this page for details of the device driver structure.
Selection of above drivers in binary with cp/m loader.

Program source code specifically for the Alphatronic/Matmos PC
Format programs - includes modifications for 80 tracks and high density. PCFORMAT will format standard 40 track disks, 80 track DD disks and 1.44MByte HD disks in any drive.
System BIOS and Boot ROM (including high density modifications). Also includes versions of CCPZ/BDOSZ

Program source code for other machines
A full screen debugger for a PDP11. Runs as a foreground job under RT11. Mostly operating system independent hence can be ported to other PDP11 operating systems or made standalone easily. Requires VT100 terminal.
Televideo 802 bios source.